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Our ESG Commitment


At the JDS Group of Companies, what we do matters. But, why and how we do it, matters more. Guided by our mission and vision – The JDS Way – our global team of diverse and highly skilled professionals are committed to partnering with global customers and local communities to build a future we can all be proud of.

Our Commitment

We put health and safety first, aim to be environmentally responsible, respect human rights and support the communities in which we operate. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all approach,” JDS is committed to innovation and agility. We are focused on unlocking long-term value for our clients by adapting our proposals in accordance with their preferred industry specific ESG standards and individual company goals.


At JDS, we acknowledge that we all have a role in minimizing adverse environmental impacts through every stage of our projects and operational activities, while contributing more broadly to the resilience of the natural environment.

Our team seeks to proactively improve our natural resource management practices and identify hazards to minimize our impact on the environment when possible by:

  • reducing energy use, air emissions and waste
  • minimizing resource consumption
  • investing in clean energy solutions

    In collaboration with local communities, Indigenous partners and other key stakeholders our team prioritizes the implementation of programs focused on improving the quality of life where we live and work in the areas of health, education and sport.

    At JDS, we believe that being a good partner starts with being a good neighbor. We steadfastly choose to walk the talk and believe in ongoing engagement, transparent dialogue, and joint venture opportunities are the key to unlocking shared prosperity for the local and Indigenous communities beyond the projects we deliver.


    Our team respects and prioritizes local and Indigenous communities’ traditional connection to land, culture and values and are focused on strengthening our social license to operate by staying true to our word. We’ve worked with:

    • Forst McKay First Nation
    • Liard First Nation
    • Kaska Dena 
    • Na-Cho Nyak Dun
    • Selkirk First Nation
    • Shishalh Nation
    • Tahltan First Nation
    • Kwadache Nation
    • Little Salmon Carmacks First Nation

    Proud to Support Our Local Communities in Which we live and Work