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At JDS, we acknowledge that we all have a role in minimizing adverse environmental impacts through every stage of our projects and operational activities while contributing more broadly to the resilience of the natural environment.

We see ourselves as long-term stewards of natural resources, including land and water, and the ecosystems they support. Wherever we work, we continually partner with Indigenous and local communities across our group of companies, out team seeks to proactively improve our natural resource management practices and identify hazards to minimize our impact on the environment when possible by:

  • reducing energy use, air emissions and waste
  • minimizing resource consumption
  • reducing waste
  • investing in clean energy solutions

Faro Mine

The Faro mine site is an abandoned lead and zinc mine located 15km north of the Town of Faro, and within the Traditional Territory of the Kaska Ross River Dena and Liard First Nation. It is also upstream from the Traditional Territory of the Selkirk First Nation.