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Meet Our Team

Ian Kopp

Director of HSSE
Ian has over 20 years of industry experience focusing on industrial construction and mining projects. However, his enthusiasm for risk management and safety began while working as a guide and leadership trainer in the mountains and wilderness of North America and Asia. Ian has worked as a paramedic and had extensive experience as a first-aid and rescue instructor, which served to strengthen his belief that it is far better to prevent accidents than to manage them. Ian first worked with JDS during the construction of Minto Mine in Canada’s north and continues to travel the world supporting the project teams. He specializes in developing and overseeing large projects for successful completion, and ensuring continuous health and safety improvement. Ian is known for signature brand of calm and diligent work ethic, with a bit of humour thrown in to keep it enjoyable.

Tyler Salmond

HSSE Manager
Tyler has over 18 years of supervision and military experience focusing on industrial, mining, construction, production and emergency response operations. He is competent in HS&E development and management / facilitation of programs. Tyler has experience in starting, developing and overseeing projects and training programs for the successful completion through to operations, and ensuring project improvement to meet client and contractor goals and expectations.

Dean Wold

HSSE Manager
Dean has over 30 years of industry experience. He is competent in all aspects of a complete Safety Program, including OH&S legislation, due diligence, investigations, inspections, safe work practices and procedures, training and management techniques. He has been the safety manager on several major projects as well as an environmental and loss prevention specialist. Dean has extensive experience in leading large projects to safe completion. He has successfully improved projects to meet client and contractor goals and expectations. He is a Safety Leader who has proven he can bring a team together to achieve success.

Steve Wallick

HSSE Coordinator
Steve has over 28 years of experience as a career firefighter and officer, and is competent in all aspects of firefighting and emergency response. He has been an emergency response team (ERT) and safety coordinator on different size projects over his career. Steve is very professional and has gained respect from the members of his teams and site management of the projects he has helped to build. Steve is a team member who is continually improving himself and the teams he is building. At the same time he has gained invaluable safety experience ranging from OH&S legislation, due diligence, incident and near miss investigations, inspections, safe work practices / procedures and training. He is a proven safety and emergency response leader, making him an indispensable member of the safety team.

Dale Dalueg

HSSE Manager
Dale has over 30 years of industry experience focusing on P3, industrial, mining, civil and commercial construction projects. He is competent in all aspects HS&E development and management – facilitation of programs. He has been the safety director on several mega projects with a focus on problem solving and team building. Dale has extensive experience in starting off and overseeing large projects for successful completion, and ensuring project improvement to meet client and contractor goals and expectations.

Shaun Salmond

Health & Safety Coordinator
Shaun has worked as a Health & Safety/Emergency Response Coordinator in the mining industry for the past 4+ years. His 10 years of experience in the Oil & Gas and Construction industries prior to this position solidified a strong work ethic while also exposing him to high risk and dynamic work environments in which he excelled. Shaun is able to maintain an upbeat and positive attitude through any situation which allows him to respond to diverse scenarios with a calm approach. Helping create a strong safety culture by following procedures and demonstrating safety leadership has always been a priority throughout his career.

Angela Routhier

Safety Coordinator & Supervisor
Angela is a Safety Coordinator and Safety Supervisor with Cariboo Rail. Angela conducts site and crew inspections and creates and conducts orientations for new employees. Angela creates safety documentation following OH&S federal and provincial regulations as well as conducts investigations. She reviews and coach’s safety documentation with field crews.

Leighton McCulloch

HSSE Advisor
Leighton has 8 years’ experience between industrial firefighting and the railway industry. He began his career as a track maintainer and quickly rose in the company through hard work, perseverance, a positive attitude and attention to detail. He gained a reputation as a respected member of the Cariboo Rail safety team, always volunteering for projects to advance both his own knowledge and the company’s safety policies. In spring of 2018, he pursued an opportunity in the oilfield firefighting industry where he was a member of rope rescue and confined space rescue teams. Proven to be a leader in the industry, he continues to show the same passion and avidity to learn that he has displayed throughout his career. Leighton is an alumni of the College of the Rockies Fire Services Training program.

Eduardo Ozuna

General Manager – Latin America
As the Operations Manager, Eduardo is responsible as both Project Sponsor and business developer in Mexico. Additionally, he oversees the implementation of leadership and HSE training for JDS Mexico Team. Eduardo is a versatile professional and has over 23 years of progressive experience on UG & OP Mining, construction and automotive industry, operations, quality control, HSE, maintenance and continuous improvement departments in a variety of companies. He has worked in managerial positions and is a well respected leader. He has strength in designing and improving processes / work procedures in support of continuous improvement and Six Sigma Tools. Eduardo has excellent interpersonal skills that allows him to collaborate with maintenance, engineering and operations teams to identify improvements and remedy safety, productivity and quality issues. He has extensive experience in supervisory roles, which has enabled him to train and motivate teams to their peak performance.

Donaldo Reyes

Safety Supervisor
Donaldo has a degree in Mining and Metallurgy Engineering. Along with his in industrial safety, his experience ranges from the operation of underground mines, metallurgical laboratories, to project planning and administration. This has allowed him to have a broader vision as a professional in addition to taking pride in his technical and analytical skills and a great capacity for self-learning. Donaldo’s main focus is to deliver results with an emphasis on industrial safety and quality through well-planned execution. His dedication to excellence and project success allows him to overcome challenges quickly and concisely.

Theo Batsalelwang

SHE Officer
Theo Batsalelwang joins JDS Energy & Mining Inc as a SHE Officer for the Lucara Diamond Mine Underground Project with responsibilities in facilitating the Occupational Health and Safety Program, ensuring safety compliance and formulating incident preventative measures. She is a Bachelor of Science Environmental Health degree graduate thereby pursuing her HSSE career in the mining industry with strong ethics in risk management and contractor onboarding. She is an ISO 45001 Lead Auditor certificate holder with trainings in Basic First Aid Training and Hazard and Operability Studies. Prior to joining JDS Energy & Mining Inc, Theo was a graduate attaché at Lucara Botswana responsible for implementing Occupational Health and Safety Objectives as well as Contractor Management.