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Your Partner in engineering solutions

With offices located in Vancouver, Toronto and Hermosillo, JDS Engineering is a recognized leader in maximizing mineral project value. We achieve exceptional results by acting as the owner’s team finding unique, value-adding, risk-appropriate solutions – the very definition of exceptional engineering.

We use this approach in all of work encompassing all levels of engineering studies, assistance for exploration projects and mining operations. We also conduct technical due diligence reviews for both our own internal investments as well as for external financing groups. Our history of efficient transition from completing feasibility studies to project execution/construction is a strength that few other engineering companies can match.

Technical Engineering Studies

JDS can complete and manage all work required to produce a NI 43-101 compliant study that will help you to reach your next milestone in your project’s development. Consistent with our formula of focusing on value, we identify the most practical and profitable direction without wasting energy and money on infeasible, or technically impractical development scenarios. We are able to quickly identify practical, economic solutions because our team of seasoned professionals have successfully designed, constructed and operated projects of similar nature.

The JDS model allows the project economics to drive the technical engineering studies – we have a track record of advancing successful projects that were previously deemed uneconomic or infeasible. Financial models are developed in the early stages and used regularly as a communication and decision making tool. Sensitivity analyses allow for a sound understanding of the risks and opportunities in the early stages of the study and for trade-off studies. JDS’s “fit-for-purpose” approach ensures that the end product is a financeable and encompasses all opportunities.

Due Diligence & Scoping Studies

We are mine owners and operators that understand capital markets and stakeholder value. Investing in select project gives us your perspective as a client, setting us apart from the competition. Our goal is to leverage our project development and operational experience to offer independent, project specific Due Diligence support to the investment community.

We will assess the resource, develop a conceptual mine plan, and evaluate the appropriate recovery methods. We will develop a capital and operating cost estimate based on our hands-on experience and provide you with a working financial model. Our scoping studies also include an analysis of any environmental and permitting issues and constraints, as well as recommended action plans to move your project forward.

Our scoping studies assess different options and provide you with the risks and benefits of each – all while focusing on maximizing your project’s NPV and IRR.

Operational Support

Our construction team provides complete construction management services and ensure an aligned team. Our engineering team has earned a reputation for project engineering excellence and innovative design. This unique skillset has helped us to acquire operations experience around the world in a variety of challenging environments. Our hands-on approach is to operate as owners, focusing on generating positive cash flows in the most efficient manner, all while delivering the highest standard of leadership. Our extensive operations experience enables us to respond quickly to risks and capitalize on opportunities in order to make a difference in our clients’ bottom line.

Permitting Support

Our team has successfully managed permitting processes from the beginning – developing a comprehensive plan/timeline that is both realistic and expedient through to submission of the final application document and negotiations with regulatory agencies. We work efficiently to evaluate and prepare applications that meet the needs of your project and will be “fit-for purpose”. We know permitting efforts go beyond receiving the initial permit, and we then turn our focus to manage community relations with stakeholders, First Nations and regulatory agencies in order to provide continued, ongoing support during operation, expansion and closure phases.

The team understands that it is critical that an open dialogue be established and maintained between all affected parties in order to successfully navigate the permitting process and emerge with a permit that meets the needs of the client, First Nations, region/community, and regulatory agencies. The team has extensive experience in environmental baseline studies, environmental and socio-economic impact assessments, and regulatory compliance and has achieved results under budget and time constraints. Our goal is to make sure that you – the client – is involved, and armed with the knowledge that enables you to make the best decisions for your project.